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Philippines – one of the biggest South East Asian countries. It is also part of ASEAN. Philippines has more than 7000 different islands, actually only 2000 of them are with people living there, about 5000 of them still has no names. Philippines has waterfalls, blue water sea, sandy beaches, islands, snorkeling, diving, cliff jumping and other activities waiting for you in this amazing country. Read Philippines budget travel tips here.

Chocolate hills in Bohol 0

Best of Bohol – Chocolate Hills

Bohol is famous for its tarsiers and very interesting formations – chocolate hills. There are many of them in the 50 square kilometers area, some people say that there are more than 1776 hills out...

Endangered Philippines tarsier 0

Bohol Sightseeing – Tarsier Sanctuary

People come to Cebu for whale shark watching. In Bohol they come to see the famous chocolate hills and endangered small little creation – tarsier. There are 2 most famous places to see these...

Jumping off cliffs in Siquijor 0

Best Cliff Jumping Spot in Siquijor

Siquijor is a magical island in Visayas islands group. I have spent 3 days exploring the island and have found amazing spot for cliff diving into the sea. The place is called Salagdoong beach...