Cheap scooter rental in Siquijor (Lenara Port) island

Cheap motorbike in Siquijor

Scooter in Siquijor Island, Philippines.

Siquijor is pretty small island located not too far away from Bohol, Panglao, Cebu and Negros islands. There are daily ferries going to every island mentioned above. The best transport in this island are motorbikes for sure. They are cheap, reliable and fast enough to drive around the island in one or couple of days. Siquijor has many things to offer – Cambugahay Falls with jumping to the water, Old Enchanted Balete Tree with natural fish SPA, Salagdoong beach offers 10-meters-high cliff jumping into sea, in Lugnasson falls you can try to do backflip from the waterfall and try yourself in caving while visiting Cantabon cave.

Island of Siquijor also has many beautiful unspoiled beaches reachable only by taxi or scooter. Taxis are expensive so save your money and drive around the island with the bike!

Where to rent a scooter in Siquijor (Lenara Port) island?

Scooter rental Lenara Port

Sea Breeze Lodge scooter rental.

When you will get out of the boat in Lenara Port many people will come to you offering scooter rentals. But I personally tried Sea Breeze Lodge cheap scooter rental in Siquijor. They have new automatic Honda bikes for really good price. The lowest price I could get was 300 pesos for a day and additionally 30 pesos for every hour if I come too late to bring back the bike. It is useful when you come lets say at 12 noon and you want to leave at 5 PM. They will charge 120 pesos more, not the full day price. If you stay a week or longer in the island you could try to negotiate a better price. Make sure you always wear a helmet and don’t drive too fast!

📍Location: 9.250066, 123.592043
💲Price: 300 pesos per day
📞Number: 09774564997 (GLOBE), 09981824304 (SMART)

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