How to reach Camiguin from Jagna, Bohol

Camiguin – island born of fire as they say. It is a gem in Philippines islands archipelago, it offers hiking paths, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot and cold springs, beautiful beaches and couple of islands laying on the shores of Camiguin. I really enjoyed a quote in some blog or book “Camiguin has everything what masochistic endurance athlete could dream of”. So if you are one of these endorphine junkies then you should visit this place and climb some volcanoes!

Jagna to Camiguin schedule 

Ferry schedule Jagna to Camiguin

Ticket booth for ferry tickets.

Super shuttle ferry leaves Jagna port every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (perfect times for weekend getaway). Boat leaves Jagna at 1PM and reaches Camiguin shores at around 5PM. Mostly there are foreigners on board, but you could see some locals also! Ferry crew is super friendly and sometimes they have some entertainment prepared.

Bohol, Jagna to Camiguin fare

Ferry leaving from Jagna to Camiguin costs 425 pesos per person + port and other small fee, in total it becomes 442 pesos per person. Students pay 340 + fees, which becomes 357 pesos in total. Don’t forget to show your ISIC card before buying tickets!

Camiguin to Jagna, Bohol ferry

Bohol to Camiguin fare

Ferry from Jagna to Camiguin.

Boat leaves Camiguin port every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 and reaches Jagna in Bohol at around 12:00. Prices are the same as going from Jagna to Camiguin.

How to reach Jagna from Tagbilaran?

Ferry to Camiguin leaves not from the main port in Bohol. There are buses going to Jagna from Tagbilaran bus terminal close to Island City Mall (ICM).

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