How to Avoid Bagan Entry Fee?

There are different reasons why people want to avoid Bagan entry fee. Some people don’t want to support the government and military of Myanmar, some people travel on super tight budget and cannot afford to pay it. Don’t judge and do whatever suits your beliefs!

Bagance entrance fee

Beautiful sunrise in Bagan,

What is the fee to enter Bagan? Bagan entrance fee (Updated 2018).

Officially the fee to enter Bagan archeological area is 25 000 Kyats. You can also pay in dollars or euros, but then the price is higher. You shouldn’t pay more than that!

Well known Bagan tourists scam

Be careful as the officials trying to sell you tickets might say you higher prices (let’s say 30 000 kyats). Be aware of that and never pay higher than the price shown on the ticket (25 000 kyat)!

How to avoid Bagan entrance fee?

This is a question often asked by travelers with super tight budget. If you arrive by train or bus there are 2 options how you can avoid paying the fee:

  1. You can ask your taxi driver or the person driving you from the station to the city to not stop at the ticket booth. If you  give him some extra money it will not be a big deal for him. Make sure to agree about that before sitting in the car!
  2. You can walk from the bus or train station of Bagan and try to go past the ticket booth which is located (21.170597, 94.920369). There are different options how you can do that and if you have OSM maps on your phone ( then you should see the road which will help you avoid this booth. Then you can take a cheap taxi after the post.

99% that you will not be asked for your ticket while in Bagan but if this happens have an excuse. Best one-  “I left it at my hotel/hostel”. But I guess this one is the most used one, so try to be original! Have fun in Bagan.

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