How and where to get TIMS card and ACAP permit in Kathmandu

Probably the vast majority of people coming to Nepal are planning to do some trekking. Most of the popular treks in Nepal include Everest base camp trek, Three Passes trek or Annapurna Circuit. For the following one you need to have TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management Systems) card and ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) permit.

At this article I will explain how and where to get TIMS and ACAP in Kathmandu.

What is TIMS card and ACAP permit?

What is TIMS card and ACAP permit
ACAP permit and green TIMS card.

TIMS card translates to Trekkers’ Information Management Systems card and it is a must have attribute while hiking most of the treks in Nepal. You need to keep that card always with you during your trekking. You could be asked to show your card at police, national parks, conservation areas check posts. TIMS card is valid only in the area where you asked when applied for the card.

There are 2 different colors of TIMS cards:

  • Blue one is for group trekkers who are using trekking guides/porters and have pre-booked accommodation.
  • Green one is for free individual trekkers who are carrying their own luggage and take responsibility for themselves.

ACAP permit is Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit. You need this in addition to TIMS card if you are planning to hike in Annapurna area.

Where to get TIMS card and ACAP permit in Kathmandu?

Where to get TIMS card in Nepal
Nepal Tourism Board Office in Kathmandu

The best place to apply for TIMS card and ACAP permit (also permits for other areas) in Kathmandu is at Nepal Tourism Board Office. It is located around 15 minutes walk away from Thamel, the most popular tourists area in Kathmandu.

Nepal Tourism Board Office issues permits between 9AM and 3PM Sunday to Saturday. Google says that working hours are (10AM to 5PM), but I wouldn’t risk. I recommend to arrive there in the morning, it should save you some time.

What is the price for TIMS and ACAP?

TIMS card price is 2000NRP if you are going to trek as an individual trekker. Staff of Nepal Tourism Board Office might ask for 20$, but it is better and cheaper to pay in local currency.

ACAP permit price is 3000NRP (applied November 2019). You could also be asked for 30$, but tell them politely that you want to pay in local currency.

What do you need to have when applying for TIMS and ACAP?

ACAP permit and TIMS card in Kathmandu
Filling blanks for ACAP and TIMS at Nepal Tourism Board Office in Kathmandu.

You shouldn’t forget couple of things while applying for TIMS card and ACAP permit:

  • 2 passport size photos for TIMS and 2 photos for ACAP permit.
  • Passport copy (they didn’t ask from me, but might be asked).

You should also know this information while filling the papers:

  • Trekking route name and rough itinerary
  • Entry and exit points (could be not exact)
  • Entry & exit dates (could be not exact)
  • Contact in case of emergency in Nepal (hotel number or tour agency would work)
  • Contact number in case of emergency in your country (family member would be perfect)
  • Your insurance policy number (any random number would do if you don’t have any)

Other information about TIMS and ACAP permit in Kathmandu

TIMS card in Kathmandu
Permit issue times in Kathmandu.

You should first fill papers for TIMS card, submit them, pay the fee and then continue to permits counter. There you could choose from many treks, the most popular ones are Annapurna area treks and ACAP permit.

If you are lucky whole process could take only 15-25 minutes. If you are not lucky and there are queues of people you might get stuck for little longer.

That’s it. Getting TIMS card and ACAP permit in Kathmandu is easy and fast. Just make sure you have all of the needed information and enough passport size pictures with you!

Do not hesitate to ask in comments section if you have any questions.


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    All done and dusted. Picked up my my permits this morning. Your blog helped considerably. Thank you.

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