Best of Bohol – Chocolate Hills

Bohol is famous for its tarsiers and very interesting formations – chocolate hills. There are many of them in the 50 square kilometers area, some people say that there are more than 1776 hills out there! Chocolate hills became chocolate because in the dry season they change color from green to the brown which reminds chocolate. Most of the hills are between 30 and 50 meters in height but there are couple of them which reach about 120 meters!

Chocolate hills in Bohol

Beautiful panoramic view from the watch area.

The land which is now known as chocolate hills was formed long time ago. 3 actions got these formations to look as they look right now – erosion, action of rain water and uplift of coral deposits. Once the hills were simply coral reefs and in hundreds of thousands year they became as they are now.

Bohol chocolate hills

Geocache box near the chocalate hills viewpoint.

As there are more than 1000 hills in the area only 2 of them are commercialised – one is an official viewpoint which is managed by government and costs 50 pesos to enter and another one is a resort/hotel.

Location of chocolate hills viewpoint is in Carmen area which is about 55 kilometers away from the port town of Tagbilaran.

Don’t miss the chocolate hills while in Bohol!

💲Entrance fee for chocolate hills viewpoint: 50 pesos
📍Location of the viewpoint: 9.798365, 124.167713
🕒Chocolate hills opening hours: 8:00 AM to 23:30 PM

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