What to do in Siargao for non-surfers?

Siargao is the capital of surfing in Philippines, but what to do here for non-surfers? There are many things to do in and around the island!

1. Swim in the Magpupungko pool

Magpupungko pool entrance fee

Magpupungko pool during low tide.

I know, it is hard to pronounce this kind of name, but the place is cool. Your best option to reach it is by renting a motorbike in General Luna (where most tourists are staying) and drive with it in the direction of Pilar. Magpupungko pool is located couple of kilometers outside city of Pilar. What is so special about this pool? I can guarantee that you probably haven’t seen anything like this somewhere else – it is something like natural infinity pool surrounded by strange rock formations. Best time to go to Magpupungko pool is when it is low tide!

­čĺ▓Entrance fee for Magpupungko pool: 50 pesos + 20 pesos for the parking of motorbike
­čôŹLocation of the pool: 9.875742, 126.119882

2. Climb the abandoned lighthouse in Siargao island

Climbing abandoned lighthouse in Siargao

Siargao abandoned place – Lighthouse.

One of the non-touristic locations – abandoned lighthouse, which perfectly is used as a watchtower. Most of the time there are no people on the tower and around so it is a perfect place for a date in Siargao! Climb is easy and there are not too many stairs! If you are a fan of abandoned places make sure to include it in your roadtrip around the island!

­čĺ▓Entrance fee: free
­čôŹLocation of the lighthouse: 9.95465 126.09806

3. Have a swim in fresh water of Taktak falls

Taktak falls entrance fee

Waterfall in Siargao island – Taktak falls.

Taktak falls is a cool tourist attraction, it is probably the least impressive waterfall I saw in Philippines, but as it is the only waterfall in Siargao it has to be seen. It is located not far away from Santa Monica city and there is a small fee of 25 pesos to enter the falls. Depends on the time you visit them but there are high chances that you will be alone in the area!

­čĺ▓Entrance fee: 25 pesos
­čôŹLocation of the pool: 10.034768, 126.042165

4. Visit Tayangban Cave Pool

Natural pool in Siargao

Tayangban Cave Pool in Siargao.

For me this place was probably the most interesting natural tourist attraction on the island. You will have to pay the entrance and guide fee of 70 pesos at the entrance and then a young guide will lead you to the entrance of the cave, after 10~ minutes of walking and swimming underground you will find yourself in a beautiful fresh water pool surrounded by small picnic areas. It is possible to jump from the cliffs into the water!

­čĺ▓Entrance fee: 70 pesos
­čôŹLocation of the pool: 9.876567, 126.096766
5. Eat cheap seafood in General Luna boulevard
Eating out in Siargao

Siargao island best place to eat.

General Luna is the area where most tourists are based, this town has a cool boulevard on the sea shore. There are many small restaurants which sell seafood for super good price! Some places can also cook your fish which you can buy in the market.
­čĺ▓Entrance fee: none, you pay for your food
­čôŹLocation of the boulevard: 9.781671, 126.157756
6. Go island hopping
Island hopping in Siargao

Siargao island hopping.

Personally I didn’t do that, but for beach lovers it should be a perfect attraction. Siargao island hopping offers many islands around the Siargao. Usually the more people you have the cheaper you pay for the boat which brings you to all these different islands, so ask around your hostel for people who would like to join!
­čĺ▓Entrance fee: depends on the company and people
Other things to do in the island includes riding the circle road around the island (~130 kilometers), visiting small towns of Santa Monica, Del Carmen, Pilar and others along the way, cycling around with the bicycle, jogging, going to yoga classes, surfing and meeting other backpackers.

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