Bohol Sightseeing – Tarsier Sanctuary

People come to Cebu for whale shark watching. In Bohol they come to see the famous chocolate hills and endangered small little creation – tarsier. There are 2 most famous places to see these tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines.

Loboc tarsier conservation area, Bohol

Endangered Philippines tarsier

Little primate relaxing after long night.

First one and quite popular among tourists is Loboc tarsier conservation area which has many negative reviews and it should be avoided if possible. First of all it is not official tarsiers sanctuary and animals are kept in quite poor conditions. So what is better choice if you want to see the famous Bohol tarsiers?

The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

The better choice if you want to see famous animals is The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary which is run by Philippines foundation and they do care about animals which they are showing for tourists. It is located in Corella, about 14 kilometers from Tagbilaran city and port.

Philippines Tarsier facts:

  • They can rotate their neck 180° as tarsier’s eyes are fixed to their skull, they cannot rotate them. So instead they just rotate their head.
  • They are night animals, it means they are nocturnal and tarsiers are active during the night. In the daytime they are usually sleeping so please be quiet and don’t disturb their rest time!
  • They are super small – usually the size of your fist. If the guide would not show you the place where they are relaxing I doubt that you could find one by yourself!
  • Tarsiers are the smallest primates and it is pretty hard to see them in the nature because they are very small.
  • They are endangered specie because of human actions in the nature, cuttings of their natural habitat – forests. They also have many enemies in the animals world – owls, large birds, snakes and others.
Tarsier sanctuary

Spot the little tarsier.

Tarsier scientific name is Carlito syrichta and they usually eat insects, small birds and lizards. In tarsiers sanctuary you will find examples of the animals they eat, quizz to test your knowledge about endangered Philippines tarsier and there are guides who will lead you and show where tarsiers are resting.

If you are planning your stay on the island I definitely recommend not to miss the waterfalls in Bohol.

💲Entrance fee to sanctuary: 50-60 pesos per person.
Working hours of the sanctuary: 9:00 – 16:00 (including a guide and short walk around)
📍Location: 9.690656, 123.952528


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