Best Cliff Jumping Spot in Siquijor

Siquijor is a magical island in Visayas islands group. I have spent 3 days exploring the island and have found amazing spot for cliff diving into the sea. The place is called Salagdoong beach resort and it is located in the north-eastern part of the island. I really recommend to travel around Siquijor island by rented scooter which is definitely the cheapest and most comfortable option in this island.

Jumping off cliffs in Siquijor

Cliff diving spot in Salagdoong beach.

Many people ask what is the height of Salagdoong beach cliff diving spot? It is hard to say exactly, because the sea level is changing depending on the time of the day. But you would not lie to your friends if you would say that the higher spot is about 10 meters high. If you are not interested in cliff diving while in Salagdoong then there is a perfect sandy beach for you and sea kayaking. Also you could try restaurant in the resort which offers delicious food!

Salagdong beach cliff jumping spot video

Salagdong beach entrance fee is not too high – November 2017 we paid 70 pesos for 2 people and motorbike which allowed us to jump from the cliffs and keep our bike safe in the official parking spot. If you are interested in Salagdoong beach resort cottages then here is a contact number for you – (035) 344 2088.

WARNING! Before jumping from the highest spot in Salagdoong beach I recommend to practice your jumping in the pools of Siquijor waterfalls, cliffs are smaller there and they are perfect spot for the beginners!

💲Entrance Fee: 25 pesos per person + 20 pesos for scooter parking.
📍Location: 9.213251, 123.681314 or adress – Siquijor Olang, Maria, Siquijor.

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