Hitchhiking in Myanmar – Top Tips

Myanmar is great country for hitchhiking. I have done it couple of times and can say that it was super easy and great experience! While hitchhiking in Myanmar you would be picked up by people who will later might ask to take a picture with you, they might have a lot of questions about your country, your life and why are you travelling.

Myanmar hitchhiking tips

In back of pick up car.

Journeys in the back of pickup car together with bags of vegetables, fish or 4 people in the cabin of a truck are common! If it sounds weird for you – then try to avoid hitchhiking in Myanmar or sit only in the cars which looks nice. For those who see it as adventure – it is a place for you to try hitchhiking!

Sometimes people will offer you lunch! They will want to become your friends.

Top tips for hitchhiking in Myanmar (How to hitchhike in Myanmar?):

  • Do not raise your thumb, it will not be understandable for drivers. Best option is to try to communicate with drivers while showing in the direction you want to go, having signs or waving. Use your body language and this will get you rides in no time.
  • As a foreigner it will be very easy to stop a car for you, people are really interested in outside world and they will want to become friends with you!
  • Check the zones where tourists cannot go. There are almost no chances that people will bring you there, but just be sure that you are not going there, it might cause some problems for you.
  • You might want to say that you don’t want to pay for a ride before getting in the car. Or agree on a gas split.
  • Keep in mind that cars with red plate numbers in Myanmar are considered as taxis. I had a lift with one of these and it was for free, but make sure you communicate at the beginning!
  • Start hitchhiking outside the cities, it will help you to avoid curious people who are really not helping to get a lift!

Have fun while hitchhiking in Myanmar. It could be great adventure if you will try it!


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