How to reach Garni (Geghard, Goght) from Yerevan

Public transport from Yerevan to GarniGarni temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions around Yerevan. It is the only greco-roman building which is still standing in Armenia and whole former Soviet Union. Going from Yerevan to Garni and Geghard monastery is a popular and quite worth daytrip in Armenia.

Distance from Yerevan to Garni is about 30 kilometers and the cheapest option to reach it is by public transport. Total price from the city center one way will be 350AMD. Another option – taxi from Yerevan to Garni, which is going to cost at least ~3000AMD (that’s local price, 100AMD/km), if you are good haggler and speak russian. If not it might be twice or even triple for one way.

So back to the cheapest and quite convenient option – marshrutka from Yerevan to Garni:

Starting point: Chess House, Yerevan. 40.180375, 44.524062. You need to catch bus number 63 (not marshrutka!) and ask the driver to drop you at Mercedes Benz shop in the outskirts of Yerevan. This will cost you 100AMD.

Yerevan to Garni by busChanging to marshrutka: When you get out of the bus walk a little bit back on the road and turn left. Then walk further until you will see buses standing there. Exact location of buses – 40.198108, 44.566367. You need to get into bus/marshrutka number 266 or 284. This bus will take about 30 minutes to reach Garni and will cost you 250AMD.

Yerevan to Goght: The same bus or marshrutka is going from Yerevan even up to Goght, it is a nice village, they have a nice camping place called 3G’S (Garni, Goght, Geghard). Price is the same.

Going from Yerevan to GeghardYerevan to Geghard:The cheapest option is to take bus 266 or 284 to Goght and then hitchhike, it is only one road and there are many tourists who might be willing to pick you up. Another option is to take a taxi from Garni or Goght, they might charge you 1000-2000AMD to go there.

Garni, Geghard tours: There are many tour operators offering different one day tours from Yerevan to Garni and Geghard. Price depends on your negotiation skills and they will be more flexible, also if you have limited time then tours could be a good option.


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